Exporting During an Economic Downturn

January 26, 2023

Join VEDP-International Trade to learn more about navigating international markets during an economic downturn. ExportExplore works with businesses from North America and Europe selling into the UK & Ireland marketplaces. This webinar will discuss how trade was slowing even before the pandemic. However, with the addition of BREXIT, both have conspired to create the current situation. Declan Barry from ExportExplore will examine the opportunities that the new horizon has created for U.S. companies in the United Kingdom as they remap their global supply chain and trade opportunities. Looking towards Europe, he will also spotlight new opportunities blossoming in Ireland as they cement themselves as the only English-speaking marketplace with direct open access to the European Union.

Jason Roof from GPS Capital Markets will provide an update on foreign exchange markets and specific currencies. He will also the discuss the negotiation of the currency aspect of contracts with foreign buyers and how to manage your risk.

John Strayhorn from Global Insurance Services, LLC will discuss the current global market marketplace, the impact on importers of American goods, and the need for credit terms. He will also highlight what a U.S. exporter can do to be sensitive to the needs of their buyer and mitigate risk with export credit insurance.


Declan Barry, Export Explore 

Jason Roof, GPS Capital Markets  

John Strayhorn – Global Insurance Services


Amy Miller
Global Research Manager