Exploring Opportunities in Taiwan's Agricultural Industries

April 11, 2024

Join VEDP and Tractus Asia to learn more about the market for various agricultural products in Taiwan. During this one-hour webinar, you will hear from Michael Hirou and Liran Golan about the opportunities and challenges in the Taiwanese market. VEDP will host a Trade Mission to Taiwan from September 23 – 27, 2024. Participate in this webinar to learn about opportunities in Taiwan’s agricultural industries.

The following products will be the focus of this webinar:

  • Distilled spirits & craft beer - Imported whiskey in Taiwan has a market value of nearly $605 million and craft beer consumption is increasing at a rate of 20 percent each year.
  • Snack and convenience foods - This is a competitive market for snack foods and requires distinct product differentiation, but diverse distribution channels bring opportunities for sales growth.
  • Poultry - Poultry consumption accounts for 43 percent of meat consumption in Taiwan.
  • Beef - Imported beef accounts for 95 percent of Taiwan's beef market and the government has loosened restrictions on U.S. Beef.
  • Wood pellets - Wood pellets are an important component of Taiwan's pathway to net-zero emissions by 2050.

For more information, check out VEDP's industry report on agricultural opportunities in Taiwan.

Speakers: Michael Hirou and Liran Golan, Tractus Asia


Amy Miller
Global Research Manager