The Culture Map: Navigating Cross-Cultural Communication

February 6, 2024

Join VEDP – International Trade for a webinar on how to effectively navigate cross-cultural communications. In this session, Karen Cvitkovich, Founder of Mosaic Global Solutions, will provide real life case studies and concrete strategies for bridging and leveraging cultural differences.

You’ll learn about the following:

  • High & low context communication
  • Direct & indirect feedback
  • Task & relationship trust
  • Egalitarian & hierarchical leading
  • Generalizations & stereotypes
  • How to leverage cultural differences for innovation

In addition to this 90 minute training session, registrants will be given one-month of complimentary access to the Culture Map self-assessment tool.

Speaker: Karen Cvitkovich is the founder and president of Mosaic Global Solutions. She is a consultant, facilitator, author and coach with a focus on global leadership and development. Over the last 20 years, Karen has had the opportunity to work with clients and partners on global projects in 40+ countries across all continents. She has developed and led multinational teams in Europe, the USA and Asia/Pacific.

To watch a recording of this training, contact Mary Wood at mwood [at]


Mary Wood
Managing Director of International Trade Programs