Industry Reports

Healthcare & Life Sciences in Ireland

January 24, 2020

The healthcare market in Ireland is valued at approximately €16.8 billion, and operates under a two-tier system, consisting of both public and private sectors.

The public healthcare system is heavily funded by the Irish Government. A large proportion of expenditure goes towards hospitals and ambulatory health care providers, of which curative and rehabilitative care and long-term care receive the largest financial support.

The long waitlists for Ireland’s public health system turn many people to private insurance. Private insurance is regulated by the Health Insurance Authority (HIA). The percentage of the population covered by private health insurance has risen slightly between 2013 and 2017, from 41.4% to 42.8%.

A key trend driving the Irish healthcare market is technological advancement and innovation. Ireland is known for its vibrant MedTech ecosystem, which focuses on the development and integration of new technologies into medical devices.

This report examines the healthcare market in Ireland, as well as market entry approaches and key players.