Industry Reports

Defense and Security – Romania

May 1, 2023

As the first post-communist country to join NATO and the guardian of one of the EU’s main external borders, Romania plays an important role in regional defense and security. Romania recently increased its defense budget from 2% to 2.5% of GDP and is committed to maintaining that expenditure level for the next decade. Recent challenges and threats have emerged in the Black Sea region with the annexation of Crimea, invasion of Ukraine, migration crisis, and tension between Russia and Moldova. Romania will continue to rapidly improve its defense and security capabilities to protect and defend its borders and the stability of the region. As the report notes, “good opportunities for U.S. companies supplying high-end advanced products… exist especially in the military field, as Romania is undergoing a process of modernizing and upgrading its equipment and technologies.”

This report, authored by VEDP’s market-expert consultants in Romania, provides a detailed overview of the Romanian defense and security market. This includes:

  1. History and context of Romanian defense and regional cooperation; military branches and their current military equipment; and defense budget projections and modernization strategy,
  2. Homeland security institutions; domestic, regional, and international threats; critical and physical infrastructure; and cyber defense and security outline,
  3. Guide to public procurement system in Romania for US companies, and
  4. Map of market entry strategy and opportunities in Romania.