Industry Reports

Defense and Security in Poland

April 1, 2023

Poland has quickly become a key partner for NATO on the Eastern flank and in Europe as a whole due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Poland is one of seven NATO members to spend more than 2% of GDP on defense and has announced a plan to nearly double defense spending to 4% of GDP this year. Currently, the equipment used by the Polish Army is of a lower standard than that of many NATO Members. To fix that, the Ministry of Defense has implemented a multi-billion dollar modernization plan. Once the plan is accomplished, Poland will be among the top four NATO armies in terms of troop numbers and technological advancement. A main objective of this plan is to develop a strong domestic defense industry, increasing the proportion of military equipment manufactured locally in Poland. Thus, U.S. companies with new technologies and innovative solutions where there is a lack of domestic competitors will have the most opportunity in Poland.

This report, authored by VEDP’s market-expert consultants in Poland, provides a detailed overview of the Polish defense and security market. This includes:

  1. History and context of Polish defense and regional cooperation; military branches and their current military equipment; and defense budget projections and modernization strategy,
  2. Homeland security institutions; domestic and international threats; critical and physical infrastructure; and cyber defense and security outline,
  3. Guide to public procurement system in Poland for US companies, and
  4. Map of market entry strategy and opportunities in Poland