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Seventh Sense Expands Global Market Reach Through VEDP International Trade

Seventh Sense is an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service company that helps marketers increase the ROI of their email channel. The company’s email delivery optimization system is designed to enable clients to produce better results from email marketing by breaking through today’s inbox clutter using the company’s artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize email delivery times for each individual in their database.

The problem: Seventh Sense needed to cultivate international relationships, but didn’t have the budget to accomplish its global goals. 

As a start-up with an innovative technology based on the globally popular HubSpot and Marketo marketing platforms, Seventh Sense needed to develop a global market strategy. The challenge: the company did not have any partnerships with internationally based marketing agencies, which is a major driver for the type of software Seventh Sense sells. HubSpot’s INBOUND conference, which attracts 41% of its 26,000 attendees from international markets, represented an ideal venue to meet prospective clients from around the world and build Seventh Sense’s brand. Unfortunately, the new company’s budget could not cover the high costs to exhibit.

The solution: VEDP’s Trade Show Program helped defray those costs.

Eligible companies can receive up to $10,000 to exhibit at international trade shows. Companies in the program purchase their own booth at a trade show relevant to their unique product, service, or industry and use program funds to be reimbursed for the cost of exhibiting. To be eligible, trade shows must occur overseas — or, if domestic, have a demonstrated international audience. A $10,000 grant from Virginia’s Trade Show Program enabled Seventh Sense to exhibit at INBOUND in 2017 and 2019 covering the expense of rental equipment, booth buildout, and advertising.

The results: a worldwide presence and increased international revenue.

Since exhibiting at the conference, Seventh Sense has acquired clients in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Prior to partnering with VEDP, Seventh Sense’s international revenue made up approximately 5% of total company revenue. Due to accelerated market adoption with international companies, 17.5% of its overall revenue is now coming from global markets — a whopping 250% increase.

Partnering with VEDP International Trade has been a transformational opportunity for Seventh Sense in not only helping to acquire new customers, but also expand our market reach and brand awareness.

Mike Donnelly CEO & Co-Founder, Seventh Sense

The INBOUND conference not only resulted in new customers for Seventh Sense, but also increased exposure. Following the event, the company was able to form partnerships with internationally based marketing agencies, co-authored multiple pieces of digital content, appeared as guests on international podcasts, and performed multiple webinars with international attendees. These relationships with in-market agencies have increased awareness of the company’s products and driven revenue growth within international markets.

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