Polymer Solutions


Polymer Solutions (PSI) was named one of the 2013 Best Places to Work in Virginia. So what exactly makes PSI a great place to work?  It’s a combination of tangible benefits, the intentional company culture, and a group of great people. As a team, PSI is dedicated to excellence, growth, and fun. As a company, learning how to be good global neighbors with other teams around the world has enhanced the team spirit at PSI.

PSI is an FDA Registered, DEA Licensed, ISO 17025 accredited independent testing lab. Since 1987, PSI has been answering difficult questions regarding polymers, plastics, and composites. Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, PSI serves clients from around the world to solve their most complex problems through chemical analysis, physical testing, and consultation. PSI serves companies that utilize plastics, rubber, and metals in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries, with clients ranging from the largest companies to innovative start-ups.

Prior to working with VEDP-International Trade, PSI obtained international business reactively via referrals or web searches. In May 2011, PSI co-sponsored a medical device symposium in Costa Rica and it was during this trip that PSI realized there were potential business opportunities there. Shortly after this trip, PSI became aware of VEDP’s first trade mission to Costa Rica in October 2011 and signed up to participate. During the trade mission, PSI gathered critical market intelligence that allowed it to formulate a market entry strategy. Since this original visit, PSI has returned to Costa Rica three times and is successfully offering their laboratory services in this new market.

In January 2012, PSI joined the VALET Program. Through the training events the VALET program offers, PSI has learned what works and what doesn’t work in international business. “Speaking with other VALET participants about their experiences, who they use for international resources, and partaking of relevant training have added tremendous value to our experience. I have described VALET as a program that is able to open doors in other companies and in other countries that would otherwise not be an option,” states PSI. Since enrolling in VALET, PSI is now intentionally seeking out international customers, is more aware of the various ways culture impact business, and is tapping the resources available to help it do business internationally. In addition to Costa Rica, PSI has used VEDP-International Trade to reach out to potential customers in Canada and Mexico.

As a result of looking for business internationally, PSI has discovered more and more businesses are global and subject to increasing health and safety regulations. PSI is receiving more inquiries domestically and from around the world. “Our participation in the VALET program has made doing business internationally an intentional proactive part of our marketing strategy. We now seek out opportunities to interact on an international scale, rather than waiting for, and reacting to, those opportunities to come to us,” states PSI. “Maintaining our market edge internationally is more important than ever.”