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Meet our 2008 Calendar Winners
Gammapar | Forest

When durable and elegant flooring is essential, retail, hospitality and other commercial industries turn to Gammapar. Located on land once owned by Thomas Jefferson, their 26-employee plant produces engineered, acrylic-impregnated products in the COR, Exotics, GammaBamaBoo and Jefferson III Collections. Since 1963, Gammapar flooring has been installed throughout North America, as well as in Columbia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan. This installation shows American Walnut at the Mercedes Benz Gallery in Frankfurt, Germany.

McKinney & Company | Ashland

A joint venture between the government of Panama and the USDA, this $40 million, 227,000 SF facility raises sterile Screwworm Flies for release in Central American regions where the fly poses a threat on livestock and sometimes even humans. The sterilized flies produce infertile offspring, preventing billions of dollars in potential damage and medical expense. McKinney and Company provided full architecture, engineering, and construction management services.

Stelling Banjo Works, Ltd. | Afton
Stelling Banjos

Stelling Banjo Works, founded in 1974, produces five models of banjos of world-class reputation, and a Florentine-style mandolin. Stelling’s first exports were to Japan and Australia, and today their banjos are sold in 13 foreign countries. Company founder Geoff Stelling parlayed knowledge from a Navy career in aircraft mechanics into the musical instrument business. Stelling employs seven craftspersons and managers in their Afton, Virginia workshop.

Bihrle Applied Research, Inc. | Hampton
Bihrle Applied Research, Inc.

Bihrle Applied Research Inc (BAR) is a world-class aerospace consulting firm specializing in wind tunnel testing, flight dynamics consulting and simulation flight model development. This photo depicts a Boeing 737-800 Full Flight Simulator deployed in the Netherlands which incorporates the high-fidelity 737-800 flight model developed by BAR. BAR-developed civil and military aircraft flight models and PC-based simulation software products are deployed throughout the U.S. and in more than a dozen countries throughout the world.

Fresh Tulips USA, LLC | Stevensburg
Fresh Tulips USA, LLC

Fresh Tulips USA, LLC specializes in the production of "fresh tulip flowers." All Fresh Tulips' plants are hydroponically grown using no soil or chemicals, which results in a completely clean product. Their tulips are uniformly premium quality in colors and shapes that are adjusted to the taste of the consumer. Currently Fresh Tulips exports tulip bulbs to Chile and the Netherlands, and in the first half of 2007 they shipped over 6,000,000 bulbs.

Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. | Newport News
Liebherr Mining Equipment Co.

The T 282 B, the world's largest diesel electric truck with a payload capacity of up to 400 tons, is the heavy duty work horse of mining industry trucks. Liebherr mining trucks can be found in use in the U.S., Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Australia, Spain, Venezuela and South Africa. In addition to mining trucks, Liebherr’s product line ranges from household appliances to aerospace technology and offshore cranes.

Base-X, Inc. | Fairfield
Base-X, Inc.

Base-X Shelters have become the preferred rapid-deploying shelter due to the system’s advanced features, ease of use, durability and cost effectiveness providing solutions for defense, homeland security and emergency response. The unique patented folding-frame design gives the system its superior strength and its rapid setup and strike capabilities while keeping the system to a minimum weight and size when packed. Base-X offers a complete line of shelters for base camp facilities, incident command posts or a variety of medical applications. Featured here is a training exercise for the Japanese fire department in Tokyo given by its export resellers at Teikoku Sen-I, Ltd. Base-X expedition systems are currently approved for export to Australia, Chile, France, Switzerland, Spain and the UK.

Inovex Industries, Inc. | Sterling
Base-X, Inc.

Ride-On TPS tire sealants have been tested in the harshest environments, from deployments in the tires of US military and United Nations vehicles serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, to waste haulers operating in nail- and glass-infested landfills in the UK, to the Baja 1000 in Mexico. Additionally, Ride-On TPS is used in mission critical applications and by first responders world wide. Proudly made in Loudoun County, Virginia, Inovex manufactures tire sealants that reduce flats and balance the wheels of all vehicles using pneumatic tires. Ride on!

Optical Cable Corporation | Roanoke
Optical Cable Corporation

Optical Cable pioneered the design and production of special, tight-buffered cables for the most demanding environments. Its cable is used both indoors and outdoors for high bandwidth transmission of data, video, and audio communications. Optical Cable products are used in commercial and campus installations, as well as harsh environments, including military applications. The company attributes about one-quarter of its sales to international customers in over 70 countries. Its cable is installed here in the P-52 platform in Angra Dos Reis, Brazil.

Marine Hydraulics International | Norfolk
Marine Hydraulics International

Marine Hydraulics International Ship Repair and Services (MHI) spans the globe with its customer base. MHI is the go-to source for emergent ship repairs on the East Coast, with its world-class facility in the port of Hampton Roads. MHI interacts daily with an international customer base spanning the globe representing China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands.

Acrylife, Inc. | Wytheville
Acrylife, Inc.

Acrylife, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative technologies for the commercial and industrial roofing industry. The featured V²T&tm; Venturi Vent Technology seen here is on one of the largest logistics centers in Israel. The vent developed in conjunction with the departments of Architecture and Engineering at Virginia Tech uses geometry and a proven physical principal to secure membranes in place during high winds. This new design will revolutionize membrane roof applications around the globe.

MicroAire Surgical Instruments LLC | Charlottesville
MicroAire Surgical Instruments LLC

MicroAire Surgical Instruments located in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a world-class manufacturer of powered surgical instruments for orthopaedic and plastic surgery procedures. MicroAire manufactures a complete line of pneumatic, battery or electric power instruments for large and small bone surgery. MicroAire also offers endoscopic carpal tunnel release system (ECTRS), power lipoplasty system (PAL) and the new pulse lavage system. In addition to powered instruments, MicroAire also carries a complete line of disposable cutting burs and blades.

Maptech, Inc. | Blacksburg
Maptech, Inc.

MapTech is an environmental consulting firm whose mission is to promote sustainable societies both nationally and internationally. Its roots are in the field of soil and water conservation and management, agricultural soil erosion control technologies, and assessment of water resources including the identification and control of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution problems, Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions, extensive monitoring networks, and innovative modeling approaches. MapTech has a longstanding relationship with China and is currently working in the Yangtze River Basin.

Briartek Incorporated | Alexandria
Briartek Incorporated

BriarTek Incorporated, a small technology company focused on the development of novel devices to improve safety and security, is the sole manufacturer of the ORCA® (Overboard Recovery Communications Apparatus) Man Overboard Alarm System. The ORCA® is a digital beacon system capable of alerting a ship in the event a crew-member falls overboard. Currently, the ORCA® is being installed on all U.S. Navy ships and is also in use by the Spanish Navy and several international commercial applications.

Filtrona Fibertec | Colonial Heights
Filtrona Fibertec

Filtrona Fibertec is a leading manufacturer of custom fluid and vapor handling components found in consumer, medical, and industrial products. Based on expertise in fiber materials and capillary science, Filtrona Fibertec products function as fluid transfer components, liquid reservoirs, and filters, and are available in virtually any geometric cross-section. Filtrona Fibertec conducts business globally and sells bonded fiber products to over 60 countries around the world.