If schools in Virginia didn’t know Interactive Achievement’s name before, they may soon. The Roanoke-based firm is one of two companies that landed a contract from the Virginia Department of Education (DOE) to offer software to school divisions in the commonwealth (the other company is White Plains, N.Y.-based eScholar LLC). “It’s a game changer,” John… Read more

This appeared on on February 13, 2015 and was written by Evelyn Suarez of The Suarez Firm.  It is so widely accepted that citizens of countries embracing international trade fare better economically than citizens of countries that do not, it’s considered established fact. Open economies grow faster than closed economies. The World Bank has reported… Read more

When exporting a product or service, whether defense-related or dual-use, regulated by ITAR or EAR, it is important to remember that as the exporter, the U.S. government requires you to take steps to ensure that your company is in compliance before selling overseas. Frequently, we see small companies that export products “outsource” their export compliance… Read more

Business is done differently all around the world. As you prepare for your next international business trip, don’t forget to learn about local customs and business etiquette! Knowing whether to start off a meeting with small talk, a handshake, or an exchange of business cards can put you on the right path to forming relationships with overseas customers. To… Read more

While Value-Added Tax (VAT) is not currently imposed in the United States, all companies interested in exporting should be aware of VAT because it can impact almost every transaction while doing business overseas. What is Value-Added Tax? A Value-Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on corporations and individuals that is applied to the value… Read more

When you are preparing to attend a trade show, think about what you want to accomplish once you are there. For example, is your goal to generate leads? Create awareness of a product or service? Or establish relationships with customers? Be sure to bring appropriate brochures, giveaways, etc. that correspond with your goals. And don’t… Read more

Relationships and longevity matter in the international marketplace. And, paying attention to cultural differences and behaving appropriately could make the difference between a deal and no deal. So, whether you are standing in front of a podium delivering a presentation or sitting at a conference room table discussing the benefits of your product or service… Read more

The Virginia General Assembly recently enacted legislation that will allow qualified exporters to receive a permanent tax savings of 20% or more by utilizing an IC-DISC (Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation). The IC-DISC has enabled many exporting companies to achieve significant tax savings.  How does it work? An eligible U.S. exporting company forms a special U.S…. Read more

Having a working knowledge of cultural traits proves to be beneficial when conducting negotiations. British linguist Richard D. Lewis charted cultural norms at a national level in his book, “When Cultures Collide, originally published in 1996 and now in a 2005 third edition. His illustrations about the negotiation process provide knowledge of conversational range (which… Read more

Transporting sample products to potential customers overseas can be a challenge, regardless of which market you are shipping or travelling to.  If your company has experienced difficulty in clearing samples through foreign customs, check out the information below for information and quick tips on getting your products in front of future buyers. Several shipping documents… Read more