Beyond Virginia Calendar: Featured Companies 2012

Northland Forest Products, Inc. | Troy
Northland Forest Products, Inc.

Cambia by Northland Forest Products' (NFP) thermally modified wood uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve dimensional stability and decay resistance of wood in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. By processing wood fromAmerica's well-managed forests, Cambia by NFP provides an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to hardwoods that may be harvested illegally from endangered tropical rainforests.

Earl Energy, LLC | Portsmouth
Earl Energy, LLC

The EARLCON™ (Energy at Remote Locations Container) provides rapidly deployable, rugged and reliable off-grid energy generation designed for the expeditionary environment. Earl Energy's fully loaded and customizable EARLCON™Tricon System supports the U.S. military by providing the ability to meet massive needs for fuel to power critical overseas operations while reducing costs and decreasing troop exposure and vulnerability on the battlefield.

OFIC North America, Inc. | Fredericksburg
OFIC North America, Inc.

ONDURA roofing is a corrugated asphalt roofing product that is superior to other roofing products. ONDURA features a lifetime warranty, can be applied over most other roofing materials, and will never rust or corrode like metal. ONDURA is highly wind resistant and has withstood Category 5 hurricanes. ONDURA is available in eight colors to complement any design style and is very easy to install. ONDURA is suited for small or large roofing projects and comes in sheets or tiles.

Med-Fit Systems, Inc. | Independence
Med-Fit Systems, Inc.

Med-Fit Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Nautilus® commercial products. An iconic fitness brand, Nautilus® equipment created a fitness revolution in the 1970s by building and marketing strength machines that precisely mimicked the biomechanics of the human body. Today, no one does it better.With over 30 patents,Med-Fit Systems' passion for innovation and pursuit of perfection is unmatched. Its strength equipment includes Nautilus ONE®, Nitro® Evo and Nova selectorized lines; XPLOAD® plate-loaded equipment; and the F3 free weight line. Cardiovascular equipment includes state-of-the art treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and the K2 vertical trainer.

Morphix Technologies, Inc. | Virginia Beach
Morphix Technologies, Inc.

Morphix develops and manufactures unique devices to detect hazardous chemicals. The Chameleon was developed under a U.S. Department of Defense contract to provide a low-cost chemical detection solution for troops. Morphix technology is currently being used for OSHA compliance by workers in chemical plants, as an end-of-service-life indicator for gas mask filters, to detect ingredients used in explosives and for time/temperature indicators to determine if a product has experienced a certain temperature for a specified period of time.

Allaince Industrial Corporation | Lynchburg
Alliance Industrial Corp.

The Alliance Industrial Vertical Spiral is a new solution to an old problem. The Vertical Spiral serves the same function as a traditional inclining or declining alpine without the large footprint. The spirals use a specially designed side-flexing chain that allows Alliance Industrial to handle virtually any product, including mass-flow, nested bottles and small containers. They can handle cases, shells, and other large containers. The Alliance Spiral moves products swiftly and safely from one elevation to another, day after day, year after year, with minimal maintenance.

BondCote Corporation | Pulaski
BondCote Corporation

BondCote is a leader in coated, laminated and composite fabrics for military, commercial, industrial, recreational and transportation markets. BondCote manufactures 24 hours a day and has an on-site, full-scale physical test facility. BondCote provides 100% visual inspection, slitting, sampling and die-cutting, on-site technical support, research and development, color matching and blending. BondCote has a capacity of more than 10 million linear yards per year. Coatings are PVC, water-based urethane and acrylics applied to polyester, nylon, fiberglass,monofilaments and cotton blend substrates. Laminations are PVC, urethane, aluminum and acrylic.

QMT Windchimes | Manassas
QMT Windchimes

Since 1980, QMT Associates has been crafting fine, hand-tuned wind chimes with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. QMT manufactures its chimes in Manassas Park,Virginia, and sources its raw materials from U.S. lumber and aluminum mills. From start to finish, QMT wind chimes are proudly made in the USA.

Granny Roddy's, LLC | Annandale
Granny Roddy's, LLC

Started in 2007, Granny Roddy's produces bread mixes made from authentic, generations-old Irish family recipes. These premium bread mixes contain only the finest natural ingredients. Both the Traditional Raisin and 100%WholeWheat breads are heart healthy, contain no preservatives, and are yeast free.

Jody's Popcorn | Virginia Beach
Jody's Popcorn

"Amazing or Bust" was Jody and Alan Wagner's motto when they determined that their adopted home town,Virginia Beach,Virginia, needed handmade caramel corn. On their 53rd attempt, the Wagners knew they had created something "amazing": Recipe 53 Caramel Corn! More than 20 flavors of gourmet popcorn went through the same rigorous trial, yielding favorites like chocolate drizzle, cinnamon toast, cheesy jalapeno and kettle. All of Jody's Popcorn is gluten free, Kosher certified and made in Virginia.

ENSCO, Inc. | Falls Church

Through state-of-the-art engineering, ENSCO designs, builds, operates and delivers world-class, turnkey track inspection vehicles and systems that monitor comprehensive performance indicators reflecting track quality and safety. ENSCO has delivered solutions on more than 50 inspection cars throughout the world to meet the needs of the railroad industry.

Zellar+Gmelin Corporation | Richmond
Zellar+Gmelin Corporation

Zeller+Gmelin Corporation is synonymous in the printing industry with innovative technology, quality products and unparalleled customer service support. Zeller+Gmelin continues to be the trusted leader in UV printing ink requirements and solutions to printing challenges, so clients can focus on building their businesses. The Zeller+Gmelin commitment to product development, technological solutions, quality and service has been unsurpassed, and the company continues to expand globally to meet demand throughout world markets.